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What we do…

Don’t you just love the natural beatify of trees? We do. We also know that going green for businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations takes time and careful planning. For you, our valued prospective client, going green might also require consulting with our independent firm of arborists.


Terra Green Online proudly serves the needs of clients in the Washington Metro area, including outlying communities in Maryland and Virginia. We are also a government contractor, offering tree management, tree hazard mitigation, and other consulting services for organizations of many sizes.


With all of the hype about going green in the twenty-first century, consumers like you find yourself in need of authentic green services. Look past the hype to verify that each green firm you work with has legitimate qualifications. We believe that managing your tree needs begins with trusting a team of tree experts for green advice.


Terra Green’s Independent Consulting Arborists are ready to meet your needs. Our firm offers many services. If you’ve never worked with a VA Certified Arborist before, you might not be aware of the many types of consulting available in the growing green market.


Our firm has arborists professionally trained to consult about trees that could impact your development plans and/or your plans for protecting your natural resources. Trees are an important part of any natural landscape, and it might just be that you need a VA Tree Expert to come and inspect your tree population.


Count on our Tree Consultant to perform important consulting assignments. For example, you might need an arborist to conduct a Hazard Tree Survey. One of our professional arborists comes to your site, reviews the trees growing on your property, and assesses each tree for its potential to harm. You want trees that coexist with other plants and animals in the local environment.


A tree survey might result in our recommendation of a tailor-made tree management plan. This plan includes specific actions your firm can take to control the growth of a variety of tree species. Hazardous trees might even need to be stopped from spreading on your physical landscape because of their potential adverse environmental impacts.


At Terra Green, we are specialists in tree management. Ask us how easy it is to mitigate tree growth in urban, suburban, and rural landscapes around DC.


For more information about becoming a client of our arborist consulting firm, please call 703-354-0350. It is our pleasure to be your green company of choice!